EA cancels voice actors like Johnny young and Chris Edgerly from doing any Apex related cameos for fans in the future

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Chris Edgerly and Johnny Young are the voice actor of characters like Pathfinder and Crypto respectively in Apex Legends.

Fan cameos are not a new thing in the gaming or entertainment industry. Usually, big media companies would include this as a part of their contract with actors to make a cameo appearance in some fan videos or like attending a comic con event. In the past few years, Video games have become a very influential media where voice actors have massive fan followings.

Additionally, these voice actors usually love to interact with their fans while doing their in-game character voices. Chris Edgerly, the voice behind pathfinder in Apex is definitely one of those individuals who totally embraced his fans and loves to do small cameos for them. Johnny Young also followed suit and made some cameos recently.

EA cancels Apex Legends voice actors from making fan cameos

Chris Edgerly pathfinder voice
Image via RotaryDiesel

However, big game publishers like EA usually have a lot of say in where these voice actors can actually make their cameos as they don’t really own the character rights. Apparently EA used their rights to totally shut down voice actors in Apex Legends from making any kind of fan cameos.

I ordered a Cameo from Justine Huxley yesterday after I saw the crypto video on here. She messaged back that Respawn had JUST informed her she can’t use Wattson’s voice.


EA also allegedly canceled Watson’s voice actress Justine Huxley from appearing in a fan cameo. While it may sound harsh that EA canceled a fan cameo, these voice actors don’t really own the character right. Since EA directly owns the right to these characters, they have the right to cancel any and all future use of their characters without their permission.

In this case, voice actors were actually getting paid by sites like cameo.com to make an appearance. As a result, EA allegedly stepped right in and literally prohibited them from making any fan cameos in the future.

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