More Banga-lore is coming soon in the upcoming season of Apex confirmed by a writer at Respawn

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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With the introduction of season 5 of Apex Legends, Respawn introduced us with “the broken ghost” quest as their first attempt at making a single-player story-driven experience in a battle royale game.

In the lore so far we know that Anita Williams aka Bangalore comes from a military background. Since she used to fight for the IMC(Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation), she has strong views against Hammond Robotics. Eventually, her strong IMC background clashed with Loba when she tricked everyone into working for Hammond Robotics on her behalf.

According to Bangalore, anything apart from the IMC is not very trustworthy. So far, Bangalore has been an integral part of the broken ghost quest. However, as it turns out, Tom Casiello, one of the writers at Respawn has more lined up for her in the future.

More lore content is coming!!

Tom Casiello himself assured the fans that she ain’t going anywhere any time soon as she has more lore related content incoming in the future. The broken ghost quest was an experiment from the Respawn team to see how the players would react to a single-player focused experience in a free to play battle royale games.

Bangalore Apex Legends lore
Image via EA

If the number of fan arts and twitter interactions are any indications then it is pretty clear that Apex fans want more single-player focused experience from Respawn Entertainment. As Titanfall 3 has been reportedly been canceled by Respawn, the single-player story missions are the next best thing for the die-hard Titanfall fans to enjoy.

Apparently Respawn already has plans lined up to season 12. This along with the fact that Respawn now has a new studio completely dedicated to Apex, it is safe to say that Apex Legends is not going anywhere any time soon. According to developers at Respawn, we can already see the benefits of having a new studio. For example, the new mobile Respawn beacons were a group effort from their previous and new studio.

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