A new leak suggests that the next LTM in Apex Legends might have Fortnite’s campfire

Campfires will provide AoE healing

A recent leak strongly suggests that Respawn might introduce another LTM(limited-time mode) very soon as the “Lost Treasures” collection event used the old recycled snipers and shotgun mode from previous LTM.

According to Shrugtal, who is a pretty reliable Apex data miner just revealed that Respawn is looking to launch another LTM very soon. Furthermore, a Respawn dev even confirmed himself that a new LTM is indeed coming fairly soon. And the whole theme of this new LTM will be centered around “campfires“.

The “campfires” mode will be similar to how campfires in Fortnite used to work back in the day. Just like Fortnite, these campfires will provide an AoE(area of effect) healing. Additionally, the game mode might also be only available on Kings Canyon after dark.

Campfire Fortnite Apex
Image via Epic

Campfire mode is also rumored to have less healing items on the actual map. So, it will incentivize players to use those campfires to heal themselves and their teammates. Players might also have to push in to secure these campfires. Thus it might create some hectic encounters.

Campfire model leaked:

Models for the campfires have already been leaked. And it will look very similar to the Respawn beacon that is available in the game right now.

However, it is still not official news and should be taken with a grain of salt. Although the recent addition to the game files paired with the confirmation from a developer does look very promising for now. Respawn usually tests new LTM and legends internally to see if they are fit to be in the live version of the game.

After the collection event, this new campfire mode would definitely spice things up. Since the last mode was just a recycled version of armed and dangerous, this new one might introduce some new gameplay opportunities.

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