Twitch streamer came up with some ideas for a possible Bangalore buff/rework in Apex that even a dev responded

This buff/rework would definitely make Bangalore an A-tier legend

Bangalore is possibly one of the very few characters in Apex Legends that had almost little to no actual change in her abilities.

Just average is what the Apex community uses while describing Bangalore. She only had some slight changes to her ultimate Rolling thunder that just made the radius of her ultimate slightly bigger. Consequently, it made her ultimate slightly better than what it was before. However, compared to almost every other legend in the game, she has the weakest ultimate in the game right now.

Bangalore Apex Legends buff/rework
Image via Respawn

Furthermore, her ultimate cooldown is also on the longer side. So, basically her ultimate is really not that useful in a big team fight apart from just slowing down the fight and making players scatter everywhere while occasionally stunning your own teammates.

Although her passive double time and tactical smokes are really useful while paired with a digital threat. While legends like Mirage, Octane, Revenant got some decent rework/buff to their utilities, it is high time that Bangalore mains get some much-deserved love.

Twitch streamer Pooch shared some ideas on what this buff/rework might look like:

  1. ult comes down faster/explodes faster and dose not stun team but still can stun bang and reused dmg of ult from 40 to 20.
  2. as bang is running and her double-time activates her holster gun reloads so if you have an r99 and an r301 only your second gun will reload.
  3. as bangs ult comes down her double-time activates for 3-4sec so she can run through and past her ult, if needed
  4. when bang shoots her some the smoke is not as thick for her so she can see through it a bit better than others

Furthermore, the ideas were so good that even a developer at Respawn responded to the ideas. In the past Respawn devs sometimes directly took rework/buff ideas for legends like Mirage and Octane from the community. Therefore, it won’t be that surprising if we see some change/rework to Bangalore’s utilities to make her slightly more useful in the game. As of now, she is just average in the new legend hierarchy.


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