Both Pathfinder and Revenant actually takes less damage in Nox gas than every other Legend in Apex

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Ever since Apex Legends was released back in 2019, players were always complaining about why Pathfinder is affected by Caustic’s Nox gas if he doesn’t even have a respiratory organ.

In a recent twitter thread, a writer at Respawn finally explained that Caustic’s Nox gas actually affects characters like Pathfinder and Revenant as the gas can actually go through metal. Consequently, even characters who don’t even have working respiratory organs can be affected by this corrosive gas.

Furthermore only Caustic has the antidote to his own toxic gas. And as a result, only he can survive in his own gas. However, a recent clip from an Apex fan clearly indicates that even though every legend is affected by Caustic’s Nox gas, not every legend takes the same amount of damage.

After taking a closer look at this clip, it is pretty clear that legends like pathfinder and revenant do not get the same amount of damage as their non-robotic counterparts. Therefore, both of them might have some kind of hidden buff/passive that makes them take reduced damage than every other legend in the game.

Do Pathfinder and Revenant have secret passive/buff?

While it kind of makes sense that Nox gas’ corrosive properties make it so that even legends with no respiratory organs get affected by this gas. Respawn seems to have given Revenant and Pathfinder secret passive. So, if you ever felt like you were dying a lot quicker in Nox gas while playing every other legend expect Pathfinder and Revenant then maybe you are not crazy.

Revenant and pathfinder passive
Image via Respawn

With the launch of season 5, Respawn added a buff to Caustic that made his toxic gas not affect his own teammates. Additionally, with the new “Lost Treasure” update, Respawn literally changed the whole meta with a bunch of different reworks/nerfs and buffs to almost every legend in the game. Thus creating a very diverse cast of the three-man squad in the process.

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