A new leak revealed what the UFO in the latest Apex Legends dev stream actually looks like from the inside

You can finally take a peek inside this UFO looking structure

In the latest dev stream, Respawn finally revealed their new limited-time event called “Lost Treasures”.

As soon as the dev stream ended, Apex fans with a really keen eye immediately saw a UFO-like structure in one of the frames in Kings Canyon map. Afterward, a reliable Apex data miner Shrugtal just revealed more information regarding this structure and what it actually looks like from the inside.

According to the data miner, this structure is actually rather large than it looks. For a little size comparison, you can clearly see what a dummy looks like compared to the whole structure. Furthermore, it might be a tease for the upcoming season 6 of Apex Legends.

View from the inside:

Kings canyon UFO from the outside
Image via Shrugtal
Kings Canyon UFO from the inside
Image via Shrugtal
Kings Canyon UFO from the inside
Image via Shrugtal

The images have a strong resemblance to the place where back in season 4 Revenant killed Loba’s parents. The UFO even has a restaurant inside that is almost similar to where Loba and her parents were in the season 4’s intro cinematic.

Kings Canyon UFO from the inside
Image via Shrugtal

The upcoming season might go into further details regarding Loba and her backstory. Some fans are also speculating that this structure might be for the quests in the next season of Apex. However, all of these are still speculation at this point. So, take them with a grain of salt.

Additionally, Respawn usually likes to work months ahead in terms of adding new content to the game. And along the way, they might even decide to remove it from their game. But as of now this new structure really caused a lot of commotion in the Apex community regarding what this structure actually stands for. Seems like we will find out pretty soon in the next season of Apex Legends.


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