A new leak reveals the Voidwalker skin is making a comeback to the Apex store, summer sale dates, and more

It will be called "Summer of Plunder Sale"

A new leak just revealed the release date for the upcoming summer sale that will include a comeback of a fan favorite wraith skin in Apex Legends.

The summer sale will be called “Summer of Plunder sale” and the release date is 07/21/2020. And one of the most sought after skin called the “Voidwalker” will be making a comeback to the store. Additionally, this sale will also include some other skin bundles for legends like Caustic, Loba, and some brand new weapon charms.

Apex Legends Voidwalker skin returns
Image via Resapwn

The leaked skin bundles:

“Holy Grail bundle” – 7 Apex Packs + 1 Legendary Pack + Caustic Grail Charm

“Lucky Cat bundle” – 25 Apex Packs + Lucky Cat Charm

“Treasure Trove bundle” – 70 Apex Packs

“Dressed to Kill” bundle

“Voidwalker” bundle

“Phase Shift” bundle

Leaked images for the upcoming skin bundles:

Caustic Grail charm:

Caustic Grail charm
Image via Shrugtal

Lucky Cat charm:

Lucky Cat charm
Image via Shrugtal

Dressed to Kill bundle:

Dressed to Kill bundle
Image via Shrugtal

Loba skin bundles:

Loba p2020 skin
Image via Shrugtal
Loba p2020 skin
Image via Shrugtal

Since the summer sale will go live pretty soon, keep your wallets ready. Just like with every other event, get ready to pay some pretty penny for these upcoming skins. With the return of the Voidwalker skin bundle, players who are still looking for that exclusive Airship assassin skin can breathe a sigh of relief as there is still a chance that might return.

However, the prices are still unknown as of now. Although it is great to see that Respawn is finally taking feedback and bringing back some old skin bundles that the community was looking for a long time now.

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