Why is wraith’s airship assassin the most sought after skin in Apex Legends?

Waiting for the day when this will be available once more


The rarity of Legendary skins in a free-to-play live service game is what makes it financially viable. This holds true for Apex Legends wraiths exclusive recolor of Void Specialist skin the Airship Assasin.

The main reason why this exclusive wraith skin has been highly sort after is that of the rarity of the skin. As a matter of fact, you will only encounter this skin once in a while and it will most likely be a TTV wraith.

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Airship Assassin
Airship Assassin

It is no surprising cause this recolor was available back in February 2019 only weeks after the release. Since it was available in a time where the battle pass wasn’t a thing in Apex Legends, many didn’t see the need to buy this skin.

At this time though the story is different as the battle pass has made it more viable for players to buy their preferred skins through seasonal crafting materials. Rarity is one of the reasons behind its popularity and the other is this skin actually looks really dope.

The black and gold recolor gives this skin a stealth look. That is why this skin so sorts after right now. People with this skin can’t wraith to show off their skin in-game.

Will Airship Assassin ever return?

There is a slight chance that we may see this skin make a comeback in the store. Respawn has made no assurance this time form Respawn. The head of Respawn Vince Zampella did mention the fact that exclusive skins may come back in the future and along with the fact that it is a rotating shop. So, there is still hope left.

Many on the other hand think that the skin is a tad bit overhyped and the only reason it is talked about this much is the cause of the rarity of the skin. They think that if it comes around again, almost everyone’s going to have it and then it’ll be worthless.

While this argument holds true we still can’t deny the fact that that skin is still the best recolor of any skin in Apex to date.

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