EA apparently banned a player for self harassment in Apex Legends

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Big-name game publishers have taken some drastic measures to combat the overwhelming amount of toxicity that players face every day.

In the process of eliminating toxicity from online video games, some players are being banned for silly reasons. A player in Apex Legends was apparently banned from the game for allegedly harassing him/her self.

So, EA basically banned a player from playing Apex Legends as he/she used inappropriate words to describe how much he/she sucks in the game. While a bot caught it for violating their user agreement, they completely forgot about the context.

After taking a closer look at the reply from EA support, it is clear that they are obviously using a bot to ban toxic players from the game. While it is a very noble cause, the execution can sometimes be really questionable.

Since EA support took around 72 hrs to give a reply, this player couldn’t play Apex Legends for the entire weekend. Top game publishers like Riot Games, EA, etc have taken some serious steps towards making their community less toxic.

However, their gun-toting approach to the problem might cause some unexpected results in the long term. EA needs to consider the context in which players used toxic words before totally banning those players from their game.

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