Respawn dev shared his own idea for an LTM in Apex that would highly favor close-quarter combat junkies

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit : Respawn

Apex Legends always favored close quarter battles as the movement speed is relatively high in the game.

The fast movement speed paired with the TTk(time to kill) highly favored close quarter combat in Apex. The most used guns like the r99 and the shotguns like mastiff are fan favorite for a reason. Before Apex Legends, most games in the battle royale genre were really slow and tactical. Whereas Apex brought some much-needed movement speed mixed with some hero shooter elements.

Josh Medina who is a producer at Respawn Entertainment just recently shared his very own idea of what an LTM should be for Apex. And if this ever sees the light of day, it would definitely fit so well with the overall flow of the combat in the game.

According to Josh, his idea for an LTM would Always be Closing meets CQC (Close Quarter Combat) Only Weapons. So, theoretically, he is talking about an LTM where the ring would be always closing. However, the twist is that players can only use close-quarter weapons. Thus players who love to always engage in third parties would prefer this game mode.

The community came up with their own ideas for an LTM

Additionally, Josh asked the whole Apex community to share their own LTM idea for Apex. And as usual, the Apex community obliged and shared their own unique take on LTM. Some players suggested a 30v30 TDM(team deathmatch) mode, while some other players came up with some more creative ones like the Mayhem mode where cooldowns would be reduced by 75% and health would be increased by 100%.

For now, there is a good possibility that we will see some sort of campfire LTM mode in the game with the next update. There are already leaks that strongly suggests that the campfire inspired LTM is the next one that we are going to get from Respawn. However, it will be interesting to see if Respawn ever implements Josh’s idea for an actual LTM in the game.

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