Top Apex predator player on PC just got caught for using aimbot alongside his entire squad

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Ever since Apex Legends introduced their ranked mode back in season 2, cheaters at the top rank was always a headache for Respawn.

Now in season 5, it seems like things haven’t changed that much since then. Recently, the number 4 Apex predator player on the PC platform was just caught for using aimbot blatantly against their opponents in predator lobbies.

Furthermore, their entire squads were using hacks at the same time to decimate the entire lobby. In the high rank especially diamond and masters, cheaters are just way more readily available than most players think. While it varies greatly depending on which server you are currently playing, it is still hard to deny the fact that cheaters using aimbots this openly in a predator lobby should not be a thing.

The clip featuring the cheaters:

Shortly after this clip went viral on the internet, developers at Respawn Entertainment manually banned the entire squad for cheating in the game. Hacking in an online free-to-play title is not anything new in the gaming industry. Developers and hackers have been fighting in this holy war since the dawn of modern multiplayer gaming.

No matter how robust your anti-cheat system is, hackers will always find a workaround. That is why the fight against cheaters will always going to be an ongoing one. Right now Riot Games with their in house anti-cheat solution for VALORANT called Vanguard is showcasing some good results. However, the devs at Riot are still manually banning cheaters in the ranked lobby from time to time.

Respawn really needs to up their anti-cheat game to be more effective against cheaters. There is no excuse for cheaters to be freely able to rise through the competitive ladder to reach Apex Predator which is the highest rank in the game. These cheaters need to be banned way before they reach the top.

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