A new “clubs” feature similar to clans in most other games might be making its way into Apex Legends

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

A new leak revealed more information regarding the upcoming “Clubs” feature that should be available fairly soon in Apex.

In the latest client patch, Respawn added some line of codes and database entries to the game files that strongly suggest that they are experimenting with adding more social elements in the game. Just like many MMO games, Respawn seems to be currently working on bringing these club features into the game.

Leaked codes:

According to the leaks by a pretty reliable Apex data miner Shrugtal, Clubs will behave almost exactly like clans where there will be multiple tiers of members from grunts to the creator. Furthermore, these roles might have a different set of actions that they can perform. For example, admins will be able to accept join requests or ban someone from the club.

Apex clubs feature code leak
Image via Shrugtal

Find other teammates with similar goals:

Additionally, game files revealed that there might be options to add a minimum level requirement that would prohibit low ranked players from sending a join request. Basically, it will make finding teammates that you are most compatible with much easier.

Apex clubs feature code leak
Image via Shrugtal

Right now, most players who want to push rank have to go to the dedicated Apex Legends discord or other social media platforms to find active and reliable teammates. The introduction of a club/clan feature should theoretically make this process so much easier.

However, as it is not an official news from Respawn, it should be taken with a grain of salt. Since Respawn announced that they will enable cross-play very soon, players from different platforms will now finally be able to enjoy Apex Legends together.

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