Everything there is to know about “Always Be Closing Evolved” LTM in Apex Legends

The next event is going to be one of the crazier ones for sure

A recent leak revealed a lot of new information about the upcoming new LTM(limited-time mode) called “Always Be Closing Evolved” which will be available from 11th to 18th August in Apex Legends.

Shrugtal who is one of the most reliable data miners on Apex Legends recently confirmed this leak. From the name of this LTM, we can already see that Always be closing is not technically something completely new in Apex as it was first introduced in the Grand Soiree LTM where the ring would immediately start to move until the last circle as soon as the match starts.

However, this time around there will be some new twists as players are most likely to be respawned with an evolved load out where they will have an EVO shield by default. Furthermore, this limited-time mode will also be available on both the Kings Canyon and the World’s Edge map.

graffiti mod Apex
Image via Shrugtal

According to Shrugtal, the Graffiti mod which has already been teased by Respawn will be added to this game mode. The Graffiti mod hop-up can be paired with a spitfire that would enable it to have 63 rounds in a magazine along with a 25% faster reload speed.

Additionally, there are also going to be 6 care packages available at the very beginning of each match. Apparently, these care packages will contain spitfires paired with some Graffiti mod hop-ups. However, if you are in the Kings Canyon map there are also going to be two extra care packages available for players.

Loot tables in this game made will also see some big changes as heavy ammo and spitfires are going to be available everywhere. Graffiti mod hop-ups are also going to be very easy to find on the map. Since the game mode will spawn a lot of heavy ammo, most players theoretically shouldn’t run out of heavy ammo in the heat of the battle.

Respawn will start to casually tease more information about the next legend along with the upcoming event fairly soon. For now, we have to wait for Respawn to officially announce this event.


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