New leak suggests that disruptor rounds might return to Apex Legends

Season 2 players are going to have PTSD

Respawn introduced disruptor rounds as a new hop-up back in season 2 of Apex Legends.

Disruptor rounds dominated the game back in season 2 as it used to melt level three armours like butter. A new leak from a reliable data miner Biast12 strongly suggests that disruptor rounds might come back to Apex once more. It is not the first time that a hop-up made a comeback from the dead. With the launch of season 5, Respawn reintroduced skull piercer hop-up in the game.

Just like skull-piercer, disruptor rounds were really controversial when Respawn first introduced them. Most players in the pro scene and casual players unanimously agreed that disruptor isn’t healthy for this game. Apex’s very first big tournaments were flooded with that distinct disruptor sound.

Game file hints towards the return of disruptor rounds

disrupter round apex leak
Image via Biast12

Season 2 Players now get PTSD whenever someone even mentions the disrupter rounds. Most players thought the disruptor rounds were a little bit over tuned. The codes for this hop-up were added with the new update that went live a few days ago. The codename was “Shield Breaker“.

However, just because it is in the game files doesn’t mean that Respawn will add this any time soon. As it is a leak, it should be taken with a grain of salt. Since skull-piercer made its way back from the dead, it won’t be too surprising if Respawn brings back the disruptor rounds in the next season.

Should Respawn bring back the disruptor rounds?

Disruptor rounds
Image via Respawn

At the same time if Respawn can somehow make the disruptor rounds more balanced by dialing the damage properties down a little bit more it can be a viable addition in the game. Although if Respawn just brings back the hop-up without making a change, it is going to take us back in the season two days where alternator and re45 used to rule the lobbies.


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