Apex fans are asking Respawn to add this Nessy inspired Watson skin into the game

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image via Respawn

Recently Respawn’s principal animator Moya Parra created an animated short to celebrate his quarter-million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

The animated short featured a cute Nessy inspired Watson onesie suit. After watching this animated short Apex fans started to reach out directly to Repawn devs to add this as a purchasable character skin for Watson. The whole community started to persuade Respawn by creating concept arts featuring Watson-Nessie skin.

Nessy was one of the very first easter egg that Respawn introduced to us with the addition of the firing range into the game. Since then Nessy has made her way into the Apex fandom. After that, almost all the major content updates in Apex came with at least one easter egg featuring Nessy.

Watson-Nessie skin concept:

Watson nessy skin
Image via KenobiCat

Respawn finally responds:

According to Respawn’s principal animator, they would love to add something similar to this in the future. Even one of the character design artist at Respawn is seriously considering making this particular skin in the future.

Apex Legends has one of the most vocal and passionate fan bases on the internet. The relationship between Respawn devs and its community is quite special as they will go back on forth on topics like game balance, skin concepts for weapons, legends, etc.

Respawn devs are also very open with their community. Some of the recent reworks/buffs to certain characters like Mirage, Octane, Lifeline, etc were inspired by direct player feedback on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Therefore there is a good chance that we might see Watson-Nessie themed skin in the Apex store very soon.

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