Apex Legends fans finally figured out the easter egg in firing range

Apex Legends players were hunting for the easter egg that was hinted in the dev stream. After trying nonstop for days they finally found it.

Apex Legends players were surprised when in a dev stream the developers claimed that there was an easter egg other than Nessy. Players had no idea about the easter egg at all.

The hunt is on:

Players squared through the map. Some even went outside the map to be the first one to unravel the mystery of the easter egg. Some players used Crypto’s drone to search the entire map. They used gaps between objects to go outside of the map to find it. Then the devs hinted that the easter egg was inside the map not outside. The devs were surprised that you can go outside of the map in the firing range.

Players in Apex Legends lore and Reddit began to discuss the theories about what the easter egg could be. Players began sharing their theories in discord. Finally, they cracked the code.

Here is what the easter egg looks like:

Easter egg

How to activate it step by step:

  1. Drop your starting weapon.
  2. Go to the middle of the top catwalk in the far left cave.
  3. Crouch, look straight down and change legend to any other legend.

There will be a clunk sound, which means you’ve done it. Doing it again will gonna deactivate it. There is no need for any times or whatsoever but having anything in your inventory won’t interfere with it.

From this, There are simply four rules to follow: no weapon, looking straight down, being on the walking thingy, be crouched, and finally, the action is switch/change (legend).

This was one a hell of an easter egg. It took some time to figure out. I hope devs will keep adding stuff like this to the game. It requires teamwork to unravel. This type of thing really brings the player base together.


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