Apex Legends dev suggests future changes may allow players to use Crypto’s drone on the fly

Crypto has been on a steady decline recently as newer legends have overshadowed him in terms of utilities in Apex Legends season 10.

As Seer who is the new legend for season 10 can track players with his tactical through walls while being mobile, Crypto’s very specific use case has started to shrunken down even more to the point of obscurity.

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Crypto made his official debut back in season 3 of Apex Legends. In line with new character releases back in 2019, he was released in a poor state. As a result, he suffered from a poor pick rate at launch that only changed in season 6 when Respawn decided to give recon class character some much-needed love.

However, as newer characters are being released with similar kits that can be used while being on the move, Crypto mains are constantly asking for some sort of rework or buffs to make him more prevalent in the new season 10 character meta.

Crypto’s Drone Rework

In a recent Reddit question and answer session post-season 10 release, one of the developers at Respawn stated that there are some Crypto-related changes that are being worked on in the background that may allow players to use Crypto’s drone on the fly.

Apex crypto buff
image via r/apexlegends

In short, the devs are hinting that future changes may allow players more flexibility while using his drone. The current iteration of his tactical limits any movement since players needs to stand still behind a cover to track their opponents.

However, that may change in the future with buffs that the devs are suggesting. Although the devs are not certain regarding the exact timeline when these changes will arrive in the live game.

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As Respawn likes to playtest character changes rigorously before the actual release, expect them to arrive at least a couple of seasons later.

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