Apex’s new Legend Seer: First Look, Abilities, Skins, Release Date, & More

Respawn finally revealed Seer as the new character for the upcoming season 10 of Apex Legends.

Since season 9 is about to end very soon, Respawn has finally started to reveal more information about the upcoming season 10 to stir up more excitement among the Apex community. We finally have official confirmation from Respawn that Seer will join the vibrant roster of Apex Legends.

Leakers and data miners already gave us quite a lot of tidbits surrounding the new legend. And some really dedicated lore enthusiasts have already started to speculate how this new legend fits into the overall lore of the Titanfall universe.

However, it is always good to hear from Respawn themselves on how Seer will affect the current legend meta of the game. As Apex Legends is a hero shooter at its very core, every new legend introduction is a big deal. Since each new character adds new mechanics, it totally changes how players have enjoyed the game up till now.

Seer First Look

Apex new legend Seer
Image via Shrugtal

Based on the first reveal images, seems like Seer will be another Flamboyant legend not afraid to show off his talents on the battlefield. His unique character design has already started to catch on among the Apex community as dedicated artists have already made some noteworthy sketches.

The costume design of Seer seems awfully similar to Octane. On top of that, he also has a bit of a space cowboy theme going on similar to Fuse. Also, his chest contains an artifact that might be connected to his abilities.

Seer Abilities:

Apex new legend Seer
Image via EA
  • Passive Ability: Heartseeker – While aiming down sights, Seer can hear the heartbeat of nearby legends, helping him discover their location.
  • Tactical Ability: Focus of Attention – Seer releases several minidrones and after a delay they mark all enemies in front of him, interrupting their use of healing items/revives and revealing their locations and health to Seer and his allies for eight seconds.
  • Ultimate Ability: Exhibit – Seer throws out his heart chamber, which releases hundreds of mini drones that form a sphere. Enemies that move quickly or fire their weapons in the sphere are marked, revealing their location and footsteps to Seer and his allies. Enemies can destroy the heart chamber by shooting and destroying it, in a similar manner to stopping Crypto and Horizon’s ultimate abilities.

According to Respawn, he has microdrones and an artist’s eye. Meaning Seer can spot opportunities that other Legends might miss, and will seize those loopholes in an attempt to get an edge over his opponents on the battlefield.

Seer Legendary Skins


Seer Release Date:

Seer will arrive alongside season 10 of Apex legends on August 3rd, 2021.

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