Apex Legends’ new weapon Rampage LMG: First Look, How it works, Release Date, & More

Respawn finally gave us a glimpse into what they have in store for players in the upcoming season 10 of Apex Legends.

As we are at the tail end of season 9, Respawn has finally started to reveal more information about the next season. Besides the introduction of a new legend called “Seer” and a reworked World’s Edge map, they are also introducing another new weapon in the game.

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Respawn is introducing a new LMG type weapon called Rampage. Respawn hasn’t added a new LMG type weapon in the game for a long time now. The last LMG that was added to the game was the L-Star which was introduced back in season 2 of Apex.

The current meta of the game is dominated by LMGs such as the Spitfire. Thus adding another one to the mix would definitely turn things up a notch. It would be really interesting to see what this weapon does to the weapon meta.

Rampage LMG First Look:

Rampage LMG
Image via EA

Based on the first reveal images, it looks awfully similar to other energy-based weapons. From a design standpoint, it is a mix between the Devotion and the Volt SMG. We don’t have any information regarding how the legendary skin of this LMG looks, as of writing. We’ll keep an eye on that one.

How Rampage LMG works?

Each new weapon that got added to the game in recent times usually has one unique mechanic. From an alternative firing mode that deals more damage to not having to reload as the weapon is based upon heat management, Respawn includes at least one unique gimmick to let it stand out from other weapons in its class.

Turns out, this new LMG will have an alternative charged mode that will let it break doors similar to the L-Star. In a recent official reveal, Respawn revealed crucial information about how it actually works.

It has a really slow firing rate but it makes up for it by outputting a lot of damage per bullet. According to Respawn, this heavy LMG will be ideal at medium to long-range encounters. However, for close-quarter engagements, it has a trick up its sleeve.

Players can attach a thermite grenade into this LMG to increase the fire rate of this weapon. The effect will last until the magazine runs out similar to how Sentinel sniper rifles’ alternative firing mode works. In terms of ammo, it takes the heavy ammo type similar to the Spitfire.

Rampage LMG Apex
Screengrab via Apex Season 10 Trailer

Rampage LMG Release Date:

The Rampage LMG will make its official debut in the live game on August 3rd alongside the new season 10 called “Emergence”.

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