Top predator Apex Legends player on console got caught speed-boosting

Top console players on the Xbox platform got caught using exploits to move faster in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends has become synonymous with cheaters in recent days. Things have spiraled out of control in the last few months, especially in the ranked mode to the point where some top pro players and content creators banded together under the “#SaveApexRanked” banner spearheaded by NRG sweetdreams.

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Despite many attempts from the security department of Respawn, cheaters always find a workaround. While cheating in ranked is more common on PC, seems like that is no longer the case as top predator players on the Xbox platform were caught using speed-boosting exploits to gain unfair advantages over their opponents in a ranked environment.

Speed boasting on console

Based on the clip, two members of the team appear to be using the speed boost exploit. Apex players have seen their fair share of over-the-top hackers. From deadly charge rifle laser beams to your run-of-the-mill aimbots, everything is widespread in the higher-ranked lobbies in Apex Legends.

Unfortunately, things aren’t really improving at the rate Respawn assured. And at the moment, many dedicated players, content creators, and pro players are constantly complaining about the current state of the game.

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As this is a free-to-play multiplayer game, cheaters are always going to be a thing. The battle between game devs and cheaters will always be ever-lasting. Hopefully, Respawn can turn things around in the way they promised soon.

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