Apex Legends’ latest Arenas “Thrillseekers” event broke the game

It seems like Respawn can’t catch a break from Apex Legends constantly breaking apart following every major update.

Just right on the heels of the genesis collection event, Respawn launched an Arenas exclusive game event called “Thrillseekers“. This mode contains exclusive prize trackers, skins, and rewards that are common with event updates.

Unfortunately, after the update went live, players from different regions around the world started to face connection issues and were unable to get into matches. Apparently, this new update temporarily broke the game for many.

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Players can’t start games

Respawn is looking into the connection issues that players are having at the moment. Prior to the event, the players were also suffering from heavy disconnects and other common code net errors.


The previous genesis event brought back some fan-favorite iteration of the Original Kings Canyon and World’s Edge map. However, due to many unfortunate cyber-attacks, many couldn’t properly enjoy this truly amusing limited-time event.

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They even brought back the Skull Town in normal mode as well as in the Arenas game mode. Hopefully, Respawn can bounce back quickly and fix all the server-related issues soon cause the new Arenas event looks really unique.

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