Apex Legends Summar Sale 2021: Skin Bundles, Price, Release Date, & More

Respawn to bring back summer sale again for 2021 featuring many fan-favorite skin bundles in Apex Legends.

In a Summer Splash Sale, Respawn packages old and new skins together and sells them at a discounted price. Most often these bundles feature multiple skins as well as gun charms with a different color variants. Since these skins are usually timed exclusive, they are highly sought after by the Apex community.

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A new leak by a pretty reliable Apex Legends data miner has revealed what Respawn has in store for players in the upcoming Summer Sale. According to the data miner, there will be eight unique bundles in total.

Summer Sale 2021 Skin Bundles:

Based on the leaks so far, it seems the Voidwalker Wraith skin bundle containing the skin with additional 40 Apex packs will be the highlight of the sale. Besides that, the sale will also include the “Festive Decor Bonus Bundle” featuring a Fuse skin paired with one legendary and nine regular Apex packs.

Furthermore, popular Bloodhound skin from the Old Ways event will make a return in the form of a bundle. And in terms of weapon skins, this sale will feature a bundle comprising of weapons such as Mozambique, Havoc, Charge Rifle from the Old Ways event.

Lastly, there will also be a bundle dedicated to gun charms paired with 100 Apex packs. Players should be able to purchase these bundles at a slightly reduced price.

Summer Sale 2021 Skin Bundles Prices:

Summer Sale 2021 Skin Bundle
Image via Shrugtal

Festive Decor Bonus Bundle: 900 Apex coins.

Voidwalker Pack Bundle: 3950 Apex coins.

Youngblood Pack Bundle: 3950 Apex coins.

Roller Derby Bonus Bundle: 2000 Apex coins.

Sound of the Horn Bundle: 6700 Apex coins.

Three Old Ways original legendary weapon bundle(price unknown)

Summer Sale 2021 Release Date:


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According to the data miner, the summer sale will last around two weeks. And it might go live on July 13th, 2021. However, take this time frame with a grain of salt. We’ll definitely keep an eye on the exact release date for this sale.

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