Apex Legends dev leaves Twitter following harassment during the recent hack

It’s been a tough week for Respawn Entertainment as Apex Legends was the victim of a massive cyber attack.

The attacker somehow managed to break into Apex Legends and wrote a plea to save Titanfall from cheaters. Despite how weird it sounds, cheaters are literally hacking their way into Apex Legends to tell Respawn to fix the Titanfall games from other hackers.

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In the cyberattack, the global Apex Legends servers were affected. Consequently, players all over the world were locked out of the game and couldn’t enter any matches. This cyber attack at Respawn came just right on the heels of the pro-Apex Legends community banding together for a plea to Respawn to “#SaveApexRanked” as cheaters were causing havoc in the ranked mode.

After a valiant effort from the developers at Respawn, they finally managed to come up with a fix to this issue. Players were finally able to enter matchmaking in Apex Legends once again.

Respawn Dev leaves twitter

Unfortunately, during the period when Apex Legends was disabled, some really toxic fans started to harass developers online. Among them, Moy Parra, who is the Principal animator at Respawn decided to take a break from Twitter following constant online harassment from fans.

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Harassing developers online who helped develop your favorite video games is never a good idea. At the end of the day, devs are also human, and harassing an animator for server-related issues of a game is just sad.

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