Keen-eyed Apex fan figured out a glaring issue with the skull town map in Arenas

With the recent Genesis collection event in Apex Legends, Respawn introduced skull town to the Arenas game mode.

Ever since Respawn added the 3v3 style Arenas game mode in Apex, fans have been begging the developers to add the fan-favorite skull town as a playable map in the new game mode. Following many requests from the community, Respawn finally agreed to the demand of the masses.

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In the Genesis collection event, Respawn brought back both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge maps in their original state. On top of that, Skull Town was added to the current map pool of the Arenas game mode for a limited time.

At first glance, Skull Town seems like a perfect fit for an Arenas-only game mode, but after some time observant players realized there are some major balancing issues with the current iteration of Skull Town as an Arenas-only map.

Skull Town Arenas Map Loot Bin Issue

Every map in the Arenas game mode usually has two loot bins scattered between two sides of the map. Their placement plays a crucial part as teams rush to them at the start of each round to collect necessary healing items.

However, turns out, the Skull Town Arenas map is not properly balanced since it takes a bit longer to reach the loot bins from the north side of the map. Consequently, the other side can reach both of the loot bins faster than their opponents. This can create a massive balancing issue as one side can easily stockpile the consumable items.

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Players were quick to reach out to Respawn regarding this game balancing issue in the Arenas game mode. A simple fix would be to realign the placement of these two loot bins so that it would be fair for both teams.

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