Respawn teases the return of Skull Town in Apex Legends Legacy

Respawn is teasing the player base with the possible return of Skull Town to the map pool of Apex Legends.

Following the release of Apex Legends, players were amazed as it solved all the pain points in this genre of video games. Contextual pinging system, amusing fast-paced movements, and properly fleshed-out characters with unique abilities were some of the highlights of Apex Legends.

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Without any massive marketing push, Respawn was able to garner 50 million unique players within one month after launch which was an amusing feat even by the modern-day standard. Aside from these elements, the original Kings Canyon map was the perfect playground for players to experiment with new characters and weapons.

While the map had many interesting POIs, among them Skull Town stood out to be the perfect battleground for players. This POI had a unique 4 lane structure that could house loots for multiple squads. According to a Respawn dev, Skull Town’s free-flow design not only enabled players to enter the warzone but also enabled them to leave whenever they wanted.

All these factors put together made Skull Town very famous among the Apex community. But Respawn later decided to remove Skull Town from the game to provide players with more unique places to drop.

Skull Town is returning?

In a recent Tweet via Respawn’s official account, Respawn teased the player base with the possible return of Skull Town to the current map pool of Apex Legends. In the current map pool, only Worlds Edge and Olympus are available.

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However, Skull Town could also make a return as an Arenas-only map since Respawn didn’t specify any further details. But the mere mention of Skull Town retuning to the Apex is still enough for diehard fans.

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