Revenant can chain wall jumps in Apex Legends following the Genesis update

Apex Legends’ fan-favorite killing robot received major buffs in the recent Genesis collection event update. 

Some dedicated Revenant fans banded together and asked Respawn for buffs in the past. Following many back and forth, Respawn finally obliged and gave this killer robot additional powerups.

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In the Genesis update, Respawn reduced Revenant’s hitbox model. On top of that, his stalker passive received a significant upgrade as now he can climb a lot higher than ever before. Also, his ultimate and tactical received some subtle nerf mostly in the form of cooldowns.

The most notable buff with the update was his climbing ability. Following the buff, players were using his passive to quietly sneak up on unsuspecting foes. However, the stalker passive change has introduced unintentional buffs to Revenant’s movement.

Turns out, post-Genesis patch Revenant can wall jump multiple times before there is any sign of cooldowns. For those of you who are still unaware of what wall jumping is in Apex Legends. Let’s go into more details on what is this movement tech and how to pull it off.

How to wall jump in Apex Legends

To wall jump, you need to first gain momentum by sprinting in any direction for up to 3 seconds to hit the movement speed cap. After that, go near a wall use a slide jump to latch onto the wall. At the exact moment when you touch the wall let go of the movement keys and use the jump key once again to perform a successful wall jump.

This is an advanced movement tech in Apex Legends. Practicing it in the firing range to get a better feel for it is important if you want to use this technique to outmaneuver your opponents in an actual game.

Unlimited Walljumps

Every other legend in the game can only do one will jump before they lose momentum. Therefore, other legends can’t perform more than one wall jump without touching the ground. But following the Genesis update, Revenant can chain wall jumps with another one without touching the ground altogether.

To perform multiple wall jump techniques while playing as Revenant, at first, perform one successful wall jump and then use the momentum of the first one to change direction and do it all over again on the other side of the wall.

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In short, Revenant players can perform an additional movement that is not possible with other legends. Consequently, it will give Revenant players an edge over their opponents in real matches.

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