Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event Legends Updates: Octane nerf, Revenant buff, Bloodhound Nerf, & More

The highly anticipated Genesis Collection Event featuring Revenant’s heirloom and map changes have been revealed for Apex Legends.

As with every other mid-seasonal update, Respawn decided to drop some much-needed legend balancing changes in the next patch. Aside from the introduction of a shiny new heirloom to the mix, the next patch will feature a lot of hitbox tweaks to legends like Revenant and Lifeline.

While Revenant’s hitbox was shrunken down a bit to let him be more competitive against legends that no longer have low-profile perks, Lifeline’s hitbox was increased in some areas to make her more vulnerable.

Additionally, Revenant’s passive also got a nice little powerup as he will be able to climb a lot higher, but his other abilities did receive subtle nerfs. Aside from these, Octane and Bloodhound received small ability nerf mostly in the form of larger cooldowns.

Genesis Collection Event Legends Changes:


  • Launch Pad cooldown increased from 60 seconds to 90 seconds.

Dev Note: Octane remains the most popular legend by a large margin even after the stim nerf. Turns out jump pads are fun, but with the added utility from the two launch options, it’s only fair to bump up the cooldown.


  • Slightly slimmed down hitbox (specifically his midsection, arms, and upper legs).
Revenant hitbox changes
Image via EA
  • Stalker climb height significantly increased. It’s not literally unlimited now, but… that boy can really climb.
  • Silence duration decreased from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Reduced the duration of death protection by 5 seconds while using the Death Totem.

Dev Note: Revenant’s large frame places him at a significant disadvantage in gunfights, particularly against smaller legends who no longer have Low Profile. We’re shrinking some of his hitboxes to counteract this disadvantage, while also improving his ability to climb up walls and attack from unexpected angles. (We know this can be frustrating given how silent he is, so we’ll continue to monitor and add sound if necessary.) That said, we’re taking this opportunity to reduce some of the frustration that comes when playing against his tactical and ultimate.


  • Increased hit box size, mostly in the legs and waist.
Lifeline hitbox changes
Image via EA

Dev Note: Unlike Revenant, Lifeline excels in gunfights given her small hitbox. Even with the res shield gone, it’s no surprise the smallest character in the game saw an uptick in performance with the removal of Low Profile. She remains small, but these hitbox changes bring her closer to the medium sized legends.


  • Eye of the Allfather scan revealed time decreased from 4 seconds to 3 seconds.
  • Beast of the Hunt duration decreased from 35 seconds to 30 seconds. Time can still be added by downing enemies.

Dev Note: Bloodhound has remained a popular and powerful pick for multiple seasons now, mostly because of the sheer amount of information that can be gained with one tap of their tactical. Shortening the scan duration still provides a snapshot of information for Bloodhound’s team without stifling all enemies caught anywhere in the large range for a full 4 seconds.


  • Major Buff: Wattson can now place more than one Nessie on the map at a time with her Epic emote.

Dev Note: There can now be up to 20 Nessies active at once on any given map. Until that cap is reached, any Wattson can place as many as she likes. When the cap is hit, the oldest Nessie belonging to the Wattson who currently owns the most Nessies is removed.

Respawn also trolled fans by adding a major buff to Wattson in the forms of Nessies. Yes, you read that one right. From now on Wattson players will be able to place more than one Nessy figure using her Epic emote. Thanks, Respawn!

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