Respawn finally fixes matchmaking in Apex Legends following the recent hack

In a recent hack by a crazy Tittanfall fan, players were unable to access Apex Legends altogether.

Recently big-name streamers and pro-Apex Legends players banded together to protest regarding the terrible state of Apex Legends ranked. Hackers have been causing havoc especially in the competitive mode of the game.

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From cheaters to DDoS attackers taking the whole lobby hostage, the competitive experience of Apex Legends is in shambles according to many players. “#SafeApexRanked” gained momentum on different social media platforms following the tweet made by NRG “sweetdreams”.

In the meantime, some hackers somehow managed to hack Apex Legends and stopped players from joining games. The hackers put a message on the game mode selection menu claiming Titanfall is also undergoing attacks from cheaters on a daily basis and is currently unplayable.

Hackers everywhere in the Titanfall universe

In short, these cheaters took Apex Legends hostage and urged Respawn to save the Titanfall series of games from cheaters. This hack apparently affected the global Apex Legends servers and didn’t let anyone join any games.

A fix is finally here!

Following a valiant effort from the Respawn dev team, they finally managed to come up with a fix. Therefore, matchmaking is enabled once again. This crusade from the cheaters has reached a boiling point for all the parties involved with the game.

Pro players and streamers call for Respawn to seriously reconsider putting a robust anti-cheat system in Apex Legends so that things like these don’t repeat in the future. This has been one hell of a week for Respawn, to say the least.

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