Apex Legends’ Game Director says the recent hack has slowed down the progress of cross-progression

Cross progression in a multiplatform game such as Apex Legends has been at the top of every fan’s wishlist, unfortunately, due to the recent cyberattack, Respawn has made the jump to tackle live game problems instead.

Respawn launched Apex Legends as a battle royale game based on the famous Titanfall universe without any prior marketing. Surprising everyone, this hero shooter-inspired free-to-play game garnered 50 million unique users within one month after its release.

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Back in 2020, Respawn introduced cross-play to Apex Legends, and that enabled players from different console platforms as well as PCs to play against one another. Later, they even launched Apex in both steam and Nintendo Switch.

Why players want cross-progression?

In short, cross-progression would enable players to transfer their progression from one platform to another. On top of that, it should also enable layers to play on different platforms at the same time.

As Apex Legends is a multiplatform game with a lot of different versions floating around, it was extremely difficult from a technical point of view to merge these accounts into one or move progression between different platforms.

According to developers, due to the amount of complexity that exists within the game, enabling cross-progression without introducing any major game-breaking bugs is going to be an enormous challenge.

Hackers forces Respawn to delay cross-progression

Despite all the hurdles, devs were still making progress in bringing this feature to the game. However, recent hacks in both Apex Legends, as well as Titanfall, have delayed the progression of cross-progression.

Apex Legends’ Game Director Chad Grenier recently stated that cross-progression is in the works. Although recent hacks on Apex and Titanfall have slowed down the progress of it as they decided to context switch to solving live game issues.

Instead of making more progression on cross-progression devs are now forced to deal with hackers. Consequently, the release of this much-anticipated feature might have been delayed by months, according to Respawn’s Director of Communication.

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