Apex Legends dev claims cross-progression is still a ways off

It has been some time now since Respawn enabled cross-play in Apex Legends and it enabled players from different platforms to finally compete with each other in the same lobby.

While it was a great move from Respawn to finally let players from different platforms including PC to be in the same lobby together, the omission of cross-progression meant players weren’t able to carry over their progress if they wanted to switch platforms down the line.

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The Apex community almost unanimously agreed that cross-progression would be great for the game overall. Unfortunately due to technical limitations that reality seems far off right now. In a recent question and answer session between the community and the developers, one fan asked if cross-progression is coming to Apex any time soon.

Cross-progression is still up in the air

In response, Respawn’s Game Director explained that this game has been out for two years at this point. That means, right now, there are a lot of accounts on different platforms. To merge all of them to sync progress would be technically really challenging.

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Merging different account’s data into a single one might also feature a lot of unwanted bugs. And if it is not handled correctly players could lose their valuable in-game items. Taking all of these factors into consideration, it seems like cross-progression for Apex Legends is still a ways off.