Caustic to get the Next Town Takeover Event in Water Treatment

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

A new leak by a pretty reliable Apex Legends data miner revealed the location and theme for the next town takeover event.

Note: You are reading an old article from 2021. So, the information might not be up-to-date.

In season 8, Respawn gave Kings Canyon an overhaul. In place of the old drop zones, such as the slums, new areas were added. And keen-eyed players noticed that this new area had contaminated waters.

Respawn developers even hinted that this water pollution will be a major theme in the upcoming events. Additionally, some data miners dug through the game files and found some story bits featuring Caustic, which strongly suggests Caustic might get the town takeover treatment with the next update.

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Caustic Town Takeover event

According to the data miners, Water Treatment will get a Caustic-themed makeover.

Furthermore, audio recordings found in the game files reveal Caustic has deep ties with the contamination of these water bodies in the newly added parts of the Kings Canyon map.

Voice lines from the data-mined files show Caustic talking about the toxin and the water treatment facility. The voice lines end with Caustic mentioning experiments on human test subjects, as usual.

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The audio logs also hint that Caustic might be planning on doing something really shady at the upcoming event. However, what kind of game mode this new town takeover event will feature is still unknown as of this writing. And since these are all still leaks, take them with a grain of salt.

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