Apex Legends Season 8: Wraith’s Hitbox Update has a Major Flaw

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

In season 8 of Apex Legends, Respawn decided to give Wraith another set of nerfs, as is customary with each new major update.

In previous seasons, Wraith has been subjected to a rework since she was still at the top of every chart in Apex Legends, including both pick and win rate. At one point, Wraith was almost a necessity to win games at high-level competitions.

At first, Respawn introduced the low profile perk that made Wraith susceptible to more damage, as she had the smallest hitbox out of every character in the game. When that wasn’t enough, Respawn decided to give her kits an overhaul.

Basically, her tactical, which was one of the most broken abilities in the game, was brought down to earth a little bit. Respawn made her more of a scout character with the recent rework in season 5. Even after all that change, she was still at the very top of every chart in the game.

Following the ability rework, Respawn also decided to change her movement animation as they thought that might be enough to nerf her for good. After all that change, most players still preferred Wraith as their main.

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TSM ImperialHal Reacts to Wraith’s Broken Hitbox

Apex wraith hitbox update season 8
Image via Respawn

In season 8, Respawn gave her hitbox another overhaul by making her hitbox a bit larger while keeping the low profile perk. However, they still kept the same character model. As a result, there is a major flaw in her hitbox, which appears to be bigger than her actual character model.

ImperialHal from TSM thinks if Respawn decided to make her hitbox bigger, then they also need to readjust her character model to make it visually less jarring. The current state of Wraith’s hotbox is really broken. Respawn needs to address the hitbox issue eventually.

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