A new concurrent player record implies Apex Legends’ Steam release is a major win for Respawn

Apex Legends hits a new concurrent player record on Steam at around 196287 players, according to steamdb.

Right now, Apex Legends is one of the biggest games on Steam only behind games such as CS:GO, Dota, PUBG, and Valheim in terms of the daily concurrent player base. Respawn launched Apex Legends back in 2019 without any prior marketing and shook up the entire scene with explosive growth.

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Even though couldn’t stay at the very top for long since they didn’t have a steady supply of content back in 2019. However, they still have a big community of loyal player base right now. Eventually, Respawn was able to provide the community with a constant supply of new seasonal content following season 1.

Unlike most other popular PC games, Apex Legends was not available on Steam upon release. It was exclusive to the EA’s origin store. And players were static to find out that Respawn decided to release Apex on both Steam and Nintendo platforms.

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Apex Legends steam release
Image via Respawn

The steam release has been a home run for Respawn. Following the Steam release of Apex Legends back on November 4, 2020, this battle royale already broke into the top five spots on the platform.

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Also, the inclusion of cross-play means, players were able to play with other platforms such as PC and consoles for the first time. This gave a huge boost to the whole platform. And the recent comment from EA executives implying that Apex Legends is now a billion-dollar IP means the whole ordeal was a huge win for both EA and Respawn.

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