Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event Release Date Accross Different Time Zones

Respawn has finally revealed all the details regarding their upcoming collection event featuring Revenant’s heirloom and the original version of World’s Edge and Kings Canyon map.

The fan-favorite hot drop zone Skull Town is not only returning to the normal game mode but also as an Arenas-only map. Unfortunately, Skull town as an Arenas only map will be live only during the duration of the collection event.

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While long-term fans are really excited with the idea of hot dropping on Skull town once again, there are also limited-time event-exclusive legendary skins and other much-needed quality of life improvements arriving alongside the update.

As this is a mid-seasonal update, Respawn also thrown in some curveballs in the form of balancing updates that might change the meta. On top of that, Arenas game mode received economical balancing updates to its weapon and ability charges.

Genesis collection event release date with different time zones

The highly anticipated Genesis collection event will arrive on: June 29th,2021. As previous limited-time events have launched on PC at around 10 am PT/1 pm ET/6 pm BST, so this might be a safe bet for the Genesis collection event as well, but we’ll update this article with the exact time frame soon. Also, the event will end on July 13th, 2021.

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So, players will have two long weeks to enjoy all the maps in their original form that was released back in 2019. From Skull Town to World’s Edge’s clear blue sky, this event seems like it will be a blast for both new and old players.

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