Apex Legends Mobile Leak Confirms Closed Beta is coming to these countries In a Few Weeks

Apex Legends Mobile Closed Beta is coming soon to these few countries.

The Apex Legends Mobile leaks and rumors started back when Apex legends initially came out. According to some rumors, the mobile version was simultaneously developed with the PC version of the game. Currently PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and Call of Duty Mobile are dominating the mobile gaming market. Seems like EA also wants a piece of this action.

Back in September of 2020 Respawn put out a job listing for mobile developers which further fueled the theories about a mobile version of Apex Legends. All these rumors and speculations came true and Respawn announced the Apex Legends Mobile Beta for countries like India and the Philippines back in April of 2021.

Recently some leaks came out that seem to suggest that these few countries are getting Apex Legends Mobile Closed Beta within a few weeks.

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Apex Legends News on Twitter recently released some info about Apex Legends Closed Beta coming to these select countries. The countries that are getting Apex Legends Mobile Closed Beta access in a few weeks are Indonesia, Peru, Colombia, Egypt & Lebanon.

You can sign up for the Closed Beta by going to the Apex Legends page on Google Playstore.

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