Apex Legends Lore: Respawn finally gave us Pathfinder’s Origin Story in a cinematic trailer

Ever since Respawn launched Apex Legends back in 2019, players were really curious to know more about Pathfinder’s origin story.

While Respawn recently sold a colored book containing exclusive lore related to pathfinder, they didn’t reveal much about this friendly robot’s origin. Finally, in a recent cinematic trailer made by a community member with a really unique animation style, Respawn finally revealed the truth behind pathfinder’s origin.

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The cinematic short also gave players a glimpse into Ash the main antagonist as well as the root cause of the explosion that took place in Olympus. Also, Crypto’s heirloom was teased as well.

Based on the cinematic short, it turns out Pathfinder has deep ties with the accident that took place in Olympus. MRVN was initially created by scientists as a failsafe so that Branthium the material that was invented to solve the energy crisis doesn’t fall into enemy hands.

In a massive battle between the scientists and Dr. Reid who is presumed to be Ash, the scientists sacrificed their lives to save this precious material from falling into the wrong hands. Another big reveal was that Pathfinder apparently has a son which was hinted at by Blisk.

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According to Blisk, there was another robot made from Pathfinder’s spare parts. Now, MRVN thinks the other one that was made from his spare parts is his son. Instead of finding his creator, now Pathfinder is looking for his son.

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