Apex Legends PC: 180 plus FPS stuttering issue to be fixed within the next update, dev confirms

The PC port of Apex Legends suffers from a very distracting stuttering issue that can only be visible at anything over 180 plus FPS.

While the console port of this battle royale game is fixed to a mostly stable 60 FPS, the PC port isn’t bound by that limitation. Consequently, with very powerful hardware, this FPS game can be pushed up to 300 FPS.

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However, most professional Apex Legends players as well as many content creators capped their FPS to 180 as anything over 180 FPS gives very noticeable stuttering issues. In order to fix it, many players choose to cap their FPS below the 180 FPS mark to get consistent frame pacing.

Additionally, this micro-stuttering issue has been prevalent in the game ever since its release back in 2020. Since this issue is only noticeable at very FPS, this issue didn’t get the proper attention it needed.

High FPS Micro-stutter fix

Many savvy individuals are speculating all these micro stutters occur mainly due to poor optimization of the Fullscreen mode in Apex Legends’ PC port. But the good news is a stable fix is coming to the game within the next big update that should arrive at the tail end of June, according to a Respawn dev.

Apex high FPS sutter fix
Image via r/apexlegends

According to data miners, the next event might be a collection event. And as with most other mid-seasonal updates, it should also come up with fixes to some common bugs. Based on the interaction the dev had with the community, it seems like the next patch will also contain some optimization for high-end PC hardware.

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