Apex Legends’ match point system in ALGS draws criticism, but EA says otherwise

Apex Legends Global Series recently wrapped up and it is now facing some criticism from both the pro community and general players for its match point format.

ALGS hosts tournaments throughout the year where the best teams around the world compete against each other for big prize money. Although due to travel restrictions still in place all over the world, different regions couldn’t take part in one massive LAN event.

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Instead, the ALGS tournament is held regionally where each region’s top teams competed against each other. But the main problem with the biggest Apex Legends tournament mainly lies with its controversial matchpoint system.

ALGS matchpoint system explained

Basically, in the matchpoint system players compete to get a certain threshold of points which can be garnered via both top placements as well as Kill points. After a team reaches the threshold of 50 points, they become eligible for a match point.

But to win the tournament, the teams that crossed the matchpoint need to win one more match in order to claim the big trophy. While this system is great from a spectator’s perspective, the same can’t be said about all the professional teams competing for the big prize pool.

As loot drops are totally random, luck plays a major factor for teams that reached match point to secure the victory. However, most often the matches drag along for way too long as teams with matchpoint fail to win one more match.

In a recent interview with The Loadout, ALGS’s commissioner John Nelson stated “There’s no denying the power of the Match Point format in terms of generating drama and enthusiasm around the competition”.

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John Nelson also added that EA is open to further suggestions on how they can improve the match format. However, he claims he is still happy with the current iteration of this match point format.

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