Respawn dev suggests Apex will follow the one legend per season structure in the foreseeable future

At its very core, Apex Legends is a battle royale game with hero shooter abilities. Only recently they added an additional permanent 3v3 Arenas game mode besides their core battle royale game mode.

Characters or in the Apex Legends universe “legends” are the differentiating factor that lets them stand out from the sea of battle royale games. Each of these characters is unique and possesses a lot of charm.

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Respawn also kept diversity in mind while creating these characters. With legend-specific heirlooms and voice lines, characters in the Apex Legends universe have garnered a lot of loyal devoted fans which is apparent in the number of fan arts populating the social media space.

From specific cosplays to new legend concepts, the Apex community is more than happy to immerse itself into the fandom. Till now, Respawn has only released a new legend with every new season.

Usually, Respawn introduces 3 new seasons in a year. This one legend per season structure has been constant in the short lifespan of this live-service battle royale game. And according to a Respawn dev, this one legend per season structure is here to stay in the foreseeable future.

One legend per season

One really curious fan proposed if it is time for Respawn to slow down on the release of new legends. In response, the Lead Game Designer of Respawn claims this might be appropriate in the future, but right now they are still sticking to the one legend per season structure for Apex Legends.

The introduction of the new Arenas game mode has made the process slightly more complicated as the overall legend meta is vastly different in the two-game modes. For example, the dev stated that the next legend’s passive ability will be useless in the Arenas game mode similar to Pathfinder, but in the normal game mode, it will have its place.

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Balancing legends for two different game modes can be extremely challenging as developers have to take both playstyles into mind while tuning the power of each legend. Hopefully, Respawn can get the balance right for the next legend that will be released in season 10.

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