Apex Legends Arenas Ranked Mode: Everything We Know So Far

Respawn added a brand new permanent game mode called Arenas in Apex Legends’ Legacy update.

The main goal of this game mode is to remove the RNG factor from this game altogether and give players an option to enjoy the gameplay loop of Apex Legends in a completely new manner. Players that are already burned out from playing way too many battle royale games in recent years have found this game mode to be breath of fresh air.

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Arenas is basically a 3v3 style team deathmatch game mode similar to a tactical shooter where players can use crafting materials to buy abilities and weapons before a round starts. And a ranked variant of this game mode is already in the works, confirmed by a Respawn dev.

First look at Arenas ranked

The exact release date of this ranked game mode has not been revealed, as of writing. But leak suggests, Arenas ranked mode should arrive within this season of Apex Legends. However, a pretty reliable data miner has already revealed some information about how this ranked mode will work in a recent leak.

According to the leaks, this Arenas Ranked mode will be similar to how the base ranked game mode works in Apex from Bronze 4 to Apex Predator. Based on the recent test builds, Respawn is apparently experimenting on giving players 100 points for a win and minus 50 for a loss.

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Arenas is a brand new territory for Respawn. And the correct implementation of a ranked variant can make or break this permanent game mode for many players. So far, it seems they are taking things slow to let players ease into this game mode before introducing a ranked mode.

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