Apex Legends player bamboozles DDoS attacker by pretending to be AFK

Apex Legends players are facing a new plague called DDoS attacks. While Respawn has recently made some progress in dealing with these attackers, some still managed to slip through the cracks.

This one Apex Legends player decided to troll these exploiters using different tactics. After a whole lobby froze due to a presumed DDoS attack, the puppeteers made an attempt to kill players in the lobby for some free RP.

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However, this Apex player actually lured the real culprit by pretending to be AFK while he was already reconnected to the server. And he also managed to convince his teammates to follow along with his AFK bait.

Apex DDoSer gets owned

Surprising no one, this DDoS exploiter took the bait and got absolutely decimated by a three-man firing squad while trying to collect free kills. The clip above showcases the pure joy in the squads’ voices after giving these killjoys a taste of their own medicine.

In the high ELO of Apex Legends’ competitive mode, cheaters are a plague that won’t go away no matter how robust the anti-cheat system is. According to Respawn, they are always engaged in an ongoing battle against these exploiters that ruin the competitive integrity of these matches.

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But seeing some instant justice delivered by fellow Apex Legends players does make for an amusing laugh at the expense of these party poopers.

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