Crafty Apex Legends cosplayer creates the most impressive looking Wingman replica yet

Following the sudden launch of Apex legends, fans of this battle royale game have made some impressive replica of fan-favorite weapons like Wingman, Peacekeeper, and R99.

Even in this age of 3D printing, it is always impressive to see fans going out of their way to handcraft some of their favorite items from the game and adding additional touch to make it stand out from the crowd.

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This savvy cosplayer decided to bring the Deadheat variant of the Wingman skin to life using exceptional crafting skills. The wingman replica features 39 programmable LEDs and a mini fog machine that gives this replica more depth. On top of that, this replica has a USB port for charging devices.

In the midst of showing this off to passers-by in comic con, this cosplayer can actually charge mobile devices as well. The replica was so impressive that it got the seals of approval from an artist at Respawn.

Wingman replica
image via r/apexlegends

Developers at Respawn Entertainment loves to react to community-made creations such as this one. In this instant, the dev found the replica to be really impressive and shared it among other devs.

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The Apex community has made some other accurate replicas of weapons like the Wingman. However, among them, in terms of pure functionality, this one definitely takes the cake.

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