Respawn Bans Nightmarish Charge Rifle Hackers from Apex Legends

Apex Legends has seen its fair share of weird exploits and cheaters. But this Charge Rifle hack is definitely on another level.

Unfortunately, hackers in online free-to-play FPS games are quite common. Despite the anti-cheat solution from Respawn, hackers always find a workaround. From speed hack to aimbot, cheaters in Apex Legends used many creative tools to get an unfair advantage over their opponents.

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However, this Charge Rifle hack will bring shivers down your spine. While this type of hack is not exactly new, the use of Charge Rifle takes the concept of aimbots to a new level. Charge Rifle is basically a long-range Hitscan sniper rifle that has no bullet drop.

This hacker somehow managed to turn Charge Rifle into an instant beam of death. A Reddit user shared a clip that showcased how terrifying this type of aimbot can be. Some Apex players are comparing it to the death star from the Star Wars franchise.

Respawn shuts down Charge Rifle Aimbots

Respawn bans Charge Rifle hackers
Image via r/apexlegends

As the clip featuring this cheat garnered a lot of attention from the Apex Legends community, Respawn responded swiftly and banned those who were responsible for unleashing the laser beam upon unsuspecting players.

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The fight against cheaters will always be a thing in online games as hackers can always break into robust anti-cheat systems. According to devs, they need to be proactive in order to deal with the increasing number of cheaters in Apex Legends.

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