Octane is the most picked character in Apex Legends Legacy, confirmed by a dev

Octane has always been a fan-favorite among the player base ever since he was launched back in season 1 of Apex Legends.

While his pick rate was healthy in the public matchmaking, his absence from competitive meant he still needed additional powerups from Respawn to be viable in a competitive setting. Following recent buffs in past seasons, his usability skyrocketed.

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For the first time ever, Octane was readily seen in ranked matches as well as competitive tournaments where massive prize money was at stake. Suffice to say the recent changes to his ultimate jump pad have given this speed junky more mobility.

As Apex is a fast-paced movement-focused game, any character that has some sort of movement-based ability gets a lot of attention from the player base. After the legacy update, he is now the most picked legend in the game surpassing other popular characters like Wraith and Horizon.

Octane is at the top

Apex octane pickrate
Screen grab via r/apexlegends

In a recent Reddit discussion surrounding the pick rate of different legends, the Lead Game Designer at Respawn stated that Octane is currently the most picked legend in the game. According to the dev, this was mainly due to Respawn buffing his jump pad.

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Following the recent jump pad rework, Octane players can cross great distances in an instant. Pair that with the ability to double jump, his ultimate can come in really handy in clutch scenarios as this speedster can help relocate his whole squad from unfavorable situations.

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