Fanmade talking Pathfinder head gets the seal of approval from Apex dev

Lockdown has made some people’s lives extremely difficult and lonely. To cope with this loneliness, this savvy Apex fan went the extra mile and created a talking Pathfinder head from scratch.

The Apex community is really dedicated to making amusing fan arts and animated shorts. Those with some DIY building skills also showed off some amusing replicas of popular weapons in the game.

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But this fan took things up a notch. He not only created a pretty lifelike replica of Pathfinder’s head but also gave this friendly robot over 500 voice lines to keep him company during these lonely times.

This fan by the username nuubje006 on Reddit shared the entire building process on his dedicated Youtube channel. From designing the initial mockup to adding voice lines, almost all the steps can be found in the video.

On top of that, this fan hand-painted the project and gave RGB effects for extra style points in the dark.

Apex dev responds to this fan-made creation

The attention to detail in this 3D printed art piece is quite exquisite. As a result, it caught the eye of an Apex Legends developer who praised the fan for this amusing project.

Apex dev praises fanmade pathfinder head
screen grab via r/apexlegends

Respawn devs are really active in the community-made and developer-supported subreddit. And they often react to fan-made artworks or in this case physical 3D printed head. This back and forth between the community and the dev has made Apex one of the most active gaming communities on the web right now.

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