Respawn shadowbans Apex DDoS attackers, claims stable fix is being worked on in the background

Apex Legends players have been facing DDoS attacks a lot recently. And it is creating an unhealthy ranked experience for many players.

DDoS or distributed denial of service is when hackers overwhelm a game server using too many requests for service. Basically, DDoS attacks crash servers. And some Apex hackers have been using these attacks to crash the game servers.

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Many content creators, streamers, as well as the regular player base, have been constantly complaining to Respawn about this issue. According to Respawn, they are already working on it behind to scenes to ensure the competitive integrity of these ranked games.

DDoS abusers receive the hammer

In the meantime, Respawn has confirmed that they have shadowbanned 31 abusers while they work on a more stable fix. Meaning some of the more nefarious DDoS abusers will be out for a while till Respawn find a proper fix for these issues.

Cheaters and exploit abusers have been plaguing the ranked experience of Apex ever since Respawn first introduced ranked back in season 2. But in recent times, DDoS attackers really took things up a notch and created a toxic ranked environment for players.

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The security department of Respawn already banned many known abusers while working together with the Apex community. Respawn also stated that they are also frustrated with these abusers and a more permanent fix is already in the works.

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