Apex players call for Respawn to take away RP from predators for farming lower level lobbies

Top Apex Legends predator players have been abusing exploits to farm RP in lower-level lobbies for a while now.

This has been a major issue in the ranked experience for many lower-level players as high-level predator ranked players are using unconventional methods to enter low-level lobbies in the ranked mode to farm some free kill points.

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As a result, the overall ranked experience of these low ELO players has been less than satisfactory. Now players are asking Respawn to stop giving away RP to predator players if they knock someone below diamond rank.

Discredit Abusive Predator Players

While this won’t fix the underlying problems with the ranked experience of Apex Legends, it should at least disincentivize these predator players from farming low-level lobbies for some free RP.

This is only a bandaid fix and won’t solve other pain points with the ranked experience of Apex, but it would be a step in the right direction for Respawn if they implement this in the live game.

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The whole Apex community has been complaining about how the high-level players are still being able to join low-level lobbies due to the poor matchmaking sytem. Apex’s matchmaking system definitely needs some tweaking or they should just take away RP from predator players if they knock under-leveled players.

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