Valkyrie’s passive VTOL Jets will receive nerfs before ALGS, Confirmed by an Apex dev

As the much anticipated ALGS Championship is right around the corner, a Respawn dev has confirmed that Valkyrie will receive some last-minute changes.

Valkyrie is the new character that was introduced with the Legacy update. Since her debut, many pro players started to experiment with her abilities. And turns out, she was really powerful right out of the gate.

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Her recon abilities paired with her ultimate gave players the ability to rotate late into the ring. This made her an instant hit among professional Apex Legends players. But in the process, some savvy players discovered that using Valkyrie’s VTOL Jets passive they can hover right above the last ring and avoid the chaotic last circle fights.

Valkyrie’s VTOL Jets passive allows players to hover for a long time in the air as in that mode her jets only consume fuel at 10% of the normal rate. In short, some pro players were using Valkyrie to avoid the final fight in scrims.

VTOL Jets will be nerfed

To make her more balanced, Respawn is planning to remove her hovering passive ability. The update will go live on Thursday.

John Larson, the associate live balance designer of Apex Legends stated that their initial response was to nerf her passive by increasing her fuel consumption by 50-70% while in the air. But that still allowed Valkyrie to stay airborne for too long in the final ring.

Therefore, they are planning to remove this passive altogether to make this legend more balanced just before the ALGS tournament goes live.

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