A new Apex Arenas bug is giving out penalties for leaving a completed match

Respawn finally added penalties for leavers in the new Arenas game mode in Apex Legends in a recent patch.

The Apex Legends community has been asking for something similar ever since Respawn added the Arenas game mode in the game with the Legacy update. Usually, the game only punishes players for going AFK during a ranked match.

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Since stakes are not very high during a normal match, players can leave any time they want. However, if a player leaves in the middle of an Arenas match, it can negatively impact their teammates.

Respawn acknowledged the bug

Following many complaints from the player base, Respawn finally added some punishment for leavers in the Arenas game mode in a recent patch. Unfortunately, the game started to punish players for leaving a finished game after this update went live.

As soon as the update went live players started to share screenshots of them receiving timeouts for leaving after the match was already finished. In response, Respawn’s director of communication assured players that they are currently investigating the issue.

Screengrab via r/apexlegends

Furthermore, he also stated that this didn’t occur during the playtest. And they are now taking a closer look at the bug. Hopefully, this should be ironed out soon.

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