Best way to control weapon recoil in Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy

Apex Legends is mostly a tracking-focused game as the TTK (time to kill) in this game is really high.

Although flicking is also important while using weapons like Wingman and shotguns. But for the most part, players prefer to use assault rifles and SMGs to deal the most amount of damage. Recently, a new recoil control trick has been discovered by some savvy Apex Legends players.

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Using this recoil control technique, Flatline becomes a literal laser beam. The R-301 is a more reliable weapon for many since Flatline is slightly harder to control due to its recoil. But as more players start to use this new technique, Flatline will be the new broken meta in Apex.

Recoil control guide for PC

Usually, to control the recoil of a weapon in this game, a player first needs to understand the recoil pattern of the weapon. And by going in the opposite direction of the recoil pattern, the spray of the weapon can be controlled.

But the exact same can be done without pulling down your mouse. The alternative method is to oscillate your crosshair faster than the weapon’s firing rate. This broken technique literally cancels all recoil of the weapon.

As a result, weapons with higher damage and a slow fire rate is perfect for this recoil control method. For example, Flatline and L-Star are really good while using this technique. Also, this technique can be viable for R-301, but it is significantly harder due to its higher firing rate.

Basically, you will need to perform the quick jittery oscillation move faster than R-301’s firing rate per second. If you can reliably move your mouse at that speed, recoil control will be much easier.

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As of now, this trick is only applicable if you are playing on a PC with a mouse. It will be really difficult to pull this off with a controller.

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